While growing up in a small town outside of Frederick, MD and having the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains at my backdoor, I fell in love with the beauty of Mother Nature. Photography has intrigued me ever since I was a young boy, but not until one of my deployments as an officer in the Air Force did it turn into a passion. It started one day while driving back to the barracks from Tarague beach and I stopped on the roadside to take a photo of a road winding itself up the side of a cliff. It was that simple black and white snapshot of the road and cliff that made me realize I wanted to share the beauty of Mother Nature with others through photography. Largely influenced by the iconic black and white photographs of Ansel Adams, I started to study his work along with the works of Peter Lik, and Michael Frye. This created my desire to want to explore the American National Parks. After my service to this great country was completed I decided pursue a career in photography and go capture the beauty of the National Parks of the American southwest. With freedom in hand, I loaded my dog, camera and myself into my truck and headed out west. No preplanned route or itinerary to follow. After 45 days and 6300 miles I was able to capture a fraction of the beauty that lies within the parks of Petrified Forest, Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Page AZ, and Canyonlands. Today I use conventional digital darkroom and HDR techniques for my photographs. My hope is that you enjoy this great country as I do with all its beauty.